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Littleton CO Tree Removal

Looking for licensed, insured tree removal Littleton CO? We are your trusted tree removalist. Our arborists efficiently remove trees of all sizes from your property, even the trees the other guys cannot. We can remove trees from your property for any reason, whether they create danger or simply are not the landscape choice you had in mind.

Common Reasons to Schedule Tree Removal

Trees beautify our lawns when they are young and healthy, but as they age, damage occurs, that’s not always the case. Trees may branch out and take over the lawn, create too much shade, or threaten our livelihood in many other ways. Storms can also damage trees, which creates risks to our homes, power lines, and other areas.

Not sure if you should remove a tree? Many people have the same concern. Our arborists can inspect the trees on your property for a complete diagnosis of their safety. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we go above and beyond to provide that to each person we serve. We are well equipped for each job, whether you call us for tree removal Littleton Colorado or emergency services.

We remove dangerous trees, trees that are too tall, trees that overcrowd the property, and trees that property owners hate. Call us for tree removal, no matter the cause. We bring the tools and state-of-the-art equipment to the job that efficiently removes trees from your property. We also have stump grinding equipment and can take care of this problem when needed.

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Common reasons people call us for tree removal service include:

Tree blocks views of the road from the driveway/parking lot
Tree is too tall/at risk of breaking
Storm damaged tree
Dying/dead tree poses risk to health of other trees on the lot
Too close to home/risks foundation damage
Too many trees on the lawn
No matter the reason you need tree removal service, we have an arborist on hand, available to take care of this need.

Our Tree Removal Process

Our tree removal Littleton CO process is straightforward and simple. We find that everyone thrives when we keep things simple! We will keep you informed every step of the way! Questions? Concerns? Need more information about the tree removal process that isn’t listed below? One of our arborists will happily provide any information that you might need.

Step One: Clear the Area

It is best that the tree has space to lay once removed. We start the tree removal process by clearing out the area so there is enough space for the tree on the ground. We remove all debris and clutter that is within the estimated tree size space.

Step Two: Examine the Tree

Before removing the tree, we will examine its current position. This helps us better decide the best way to cut the tree based on the direction it leans. Simply examining the tree improves safety during the tree removal process.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed On Our Workmanship

Step Three: Homeowner Instructions

Rest assured we take all precautions when removing a tree from your property. Even still, accidents can and will occur. We provide step-by-step safety information before starting the tree removal process. This information instructs you on the right steps to take in the event the tree removal process goes wrong. Safety is a top priority for our tree removal company.

Step Four: Begin Tree Removal

Now it is time for the fun! We will decide which tools and pieces of equipment best remove the tree and begin the process. We start with an undercut, then a back cut. Now expect to hear our arborists yell TIMBER as the tree comes down.